Research is a Cancer

Ever since I got into parkour 5 years ago I’ve been looking up ways to make myself stronger. From the nervous system all the way to how to properly remove calluses while still leaving behind the tough skin I was aiming for. I’ve spent hours researching, cross referencing, and trying to find the underlying layer of true strength I’ve been looking for ( when I say strength, I mean physical and mental ).

This has lead me to a great deal of information, but I’ve discovered one major flaw in my approach to being, “the strongest version of yourself,” as Elliott Hulse would say. I have not DONE it, sure I know a lot but that doesn’t help unless you actually implement it. This may sound just like, “DUH,” but I actually see this happening all around me. Especially in the weight-loss world. There’s so much info that people easily get overwhelmed and slowly start going in circles, not realizing that if they just would get up and head outside they’d lose weight. Now, mind you, I still train everyday. but I still do my old progressive training. If I just put a little of what I have learned into affect, I’d be doing double better then what I’m at now.

Once you start doing research, start implementing it right away. Don’t wait till the research makes sense ( because it still might not be affective ), you have to do it for yourself. The decades old method of trial and error is the best way, just put research in one end and see what pops out the other, and if it smells bad, don’t eat it but store it in a cupboard in till you know for sure it is useless.  

Research is a tool, but we’ve all made it into a workout in and of itself.


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