Parkour and Fun

Those of us that know what parkour is, either from watching TV or Youtube, will know that it looks extremly fun and on the flip side ( 😀 ) theres those people that think its dangerous and we shouldnt let people be crawling and jumping over everything. Two very different persectives but have somethingin common. Both are true to an extent, let me explain the 2nd one 1st. These people are often considered “close minded” in the parkour community but they are people, and as such, their opinions matter. They say its dangerous, true. They say we shouldnt do it, false. They may have their opinions on safety but when they start saying we “shouldnt” do something, it starts to become a problem. Nobody has any right to interfere with anothers life without express permission to do so by the person being affected. the parkour community has already taken steps to stop people from hurting themselves by spreading the true philosophy of parkour. Now those people should be ignored, lets focus on the 1st being 2nd now haha. The people that see it as fun, in direct opposition of the 2nd group. They are indeed right, parkour is fun, but its not quite what they think. Parkour requires extreme hard work to progress, thousands of hours of repitition and drill, and countless more doing plain conditioning drills. These aspects of parkour are what people dont want to see when they get into it, they just want to see the big jumps and all those fancy flips and tricks, but if they actually want to go far in parkour they must drill, they must sweat, they must question themselves about why they train, all this must happen or else these people will just start with the fancy big jumps and tricks and burn out after a couple of years. I dont mean burn out in the working out sense either, i mean they will literally burn out their bodies. Muscles will not work properly, nerves will be fried, joints and tendons will snap and tear, and the person will likely just count it amongst other fads they have tried. parkour will beat you down if you dont love it, it will be worse then a scorned wife, it will raise you up and then drop you, laughing at you while you just start to comprehend the most important lesson you should already know…

That the Flame that Burns the Brightest, Will also Die the quickest
And the Flame that is slowly lit, and taken care of 
 Will Burn Forever


One thought on “Parkour and Fun

  1. mellenator says:

    A similar article but written by a traceur with more expertise can be found on, , its called, “A Call to Arms”

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