Why do you Jump ?

This question is very peculiar to me, for it is always evolving just as I am. Parkour makes us evaluate ourselves every time we train or even think of parkour, which for me is constantly. I cannot go for an entire hour without thinking about parkour. Now before someone calls me obsessed ( pretty much everyone now-a-days lol 😛 ), parkour is a very broad topic concerning its larger but yet equal to life philosophy and general way of seeing things after even one training ( or even play ) session. parkour redefines the way people look at things, I say things because it is not just the surroundings we see differently after taking up parkour, we see people differently, we see philosophy differently, and we see what we are differently. this last one is important, since to know what we are becoming is crucial to who we are. Example, if we were to know we would become a self fulfilling bureaucratic jack wagon, what would we do…. keep on track and become a soulless greedy bastard ( im just using a decades of stereotype that means no offense to any soulless bureaucrat that’s reading this 😀 ), or would we rectify ? This all lead to the big question… Why do you jump?

To answer this is to know who you are as a person and as a tracuer ( for the sake of me being lazy I will use the perfunctory male term from now on, but I want all the gals out there to understand im not limiting this 😀 ), and as for me… there is no separation between the me as a person and as a traceur, parkour is my life and will stay my life even if im cripple and bedridden. ( this is a topic for a different time but im my opinion, anyone can do parkour, even if their only asset is their mind and sense of will ). So to know why is it your doing parkour is to know why you were attracted to it in the beginning, you might have seen some one flip from a wall and run off or some one pop onto a chest high rail with zero sound and equal effortlessness. if these were the reasons that you’re training parkour now then study them and find what pushes you towards this discipline. As for the first example, you might just want to show off and be able to shrug off social barriers in a self verses society temper of  self righteousness ( well props for creativity… haha 😛 ). As for the second, maybe you want to live with such mind boggling complete strength that you can go around and be as lazy yet as talented as you want to be ( make no mistake, to have complete strength would be the height of laziness; think… if you were too tired to pick up the phone and stand there holding it because it took to much strength.. wouldn’t having such strength as to not even feel the phones weight as you pick it up be lazy? now theres a paradox 😀 ).

So your a traceur ehh??? Do a backflip ! hahahaha… now why do you jump ?