Why Do You Jump Pt. 2

This is in response to a new article just posted by Stephane Vigroux. Out of all the founders of the discipline, he has now posted the end all to the argument of parkour and freerunning. It has nothing to do with the names and has everything to do with “Why Do You Jump?” Parkour and Freerunning are the same thing in essence and that argument is for another time, what matters is that both of those names are being exploited. The main company that is stepping on these is Redbull, looking just for money. There IS a difference and general Split that has been happening in parkour and the sides couldn’t be more different. The 1st side is the people doing flips and tricks and general screwing around with their bodies in creative ways, this is not necessarily wrong but the reason they do what they do is drastically different from what the other sides reason is. They flip just to show off, to prove to the world that, “hey look at me, yea over here,” this is NOT in any way parkour, this is ONLY SHOWING OFF, like a child throwing a tantrum. If the  reason you jump is to show off or for any other reason that is not holistic, you are NOT doing Parkour. The movements may look the same, they might even have a grasp of the extremely limited base philosophy of parkour as, “a movement discipline of going from A to B as fast and efficient as possible,” I’m sure anyone could spit that out these days, even if they don’t do parkour. This base statement of philosophy is very limited, and can, and has, been twisted to extreme degrees. Doing twenty tumbles around a corner to just do a wall flip and then kong away is in no way parkour. Now it can be though, this is where it can get confusing. If you really understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and understand that it is totally useless and you’re doing it to just mess or play around then of course you are doing parkour, because even as David Belle has said, all that is just an expected extension of parkour, for to truly trust yourself in parkour you start wanting to test yourself in other moves and environments, but he said to understand that, “It is totally useless”. But in most cases now-a-days that is not the case and the “traceurs” of today do not understand what they are doing and are only showing off, which is evident in the countless YouTube videos out there. I am not nearly as literate on these terms as the founders, so I invite all of you to read these articles: A Call to Arms, Dilution, The Split.

Dissect yourself like eating a pizza and be lost, or dissect yourself like drinking a cup of hot chocolate and know who you are -James



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