The End of Me

This is an unlikely enemy, but thee worst one for me in the winter. Eggnog, yup, Eggnog… sooo good but that’s what makes it my worst enemy. Almost half a thousand calories in only one cup… NOBODY ever drinks only one cup, its impossible. Add to the fact that the drink makes me want to go to bed for a week afterward. That makes it almost impossible for me to train that day, since its also the winter. All these things just add up to a prospectively weak training season…all due to Eggnog. But that’s not really the case, too often people blame substances for their problems which is just not taking responsibility for Your choices in this life. This is a serious problem since its extremely relevant to the average person. A third of Americans are obese, not just fat now, but obese. This is insane, we take pride in our intelligence but forget that the greatest minds in history are also the most devoted to nutrition and personal responsibility. We are not so smart as we think and we need to start actually being smart. Eating smart, moving smart, and thinking smart. To say that Eggnog is the end of me is just stupid, I’m the only person that will ever be the end of me. The number one reason people die these days is incredible retarded, they…eat…too…much…shit. This is un-real, the level of arrogance of the human life is screwed and the only way to make a difference is to be an example for the youth, to eat smart, to move smart ( hell, to even move at all ), and to think smart. Not hard, but impossible for the younger generations that are coming up watching their parents and the people on TV being idiots. Everything we do affects others, because as traceurs, we might not be looked up to, but we are looked upon. We are seen as those that take and twist perspectives of the passer-by and as such, even with so small a radius of effect, we can use our movements and our strength to be examples to the public.

Train Smart, Train Hard, Have Fun.